Marriage Vows Trump Political Endorsements


Last night Ted Cruz congratulated Donald Trump on his victory, denounced Hillary Clinton, and did not launch a 3rd party campaign. For all intents and purposes he “supported” the Republican nominee without an all out endorsement. Still, many conservatives last night and today are blasting the Texas Senator for his words last night, and not endorsing the Donald Trump. Did he break his promise he made? Did he lose is integrity? Is Ted Cruz in sin? I have a different take.

In 2001 Ted Cruz stood before God and Heidi Nelson to make a covenant (a promise). To love her, support her, protect her, and provide for her; for better for for worse. A marriage covenant is a serious problem between a couple that they make to one another, and to God. Scripture is very clear here, here, here, and host of other places. Ted Cruz also has an obligation to honor his earthly father as seen in Ephesians, and the Ten Commandments.

During the campaign Donald Trump suggested that his father was a part of the assassination of Preside John F Kennedy. Trump most likely planted stories his friends at the National Enquirer that Cruz had multiple marital affairs. Trump also set out to humiliate and attack Heidi during the primary season, he did this on more than one occasion.

Ted Cruz took the stand last night that honoring his father, and keeping his marriage covenant promise was more important than a political endorsement. Paul teaches that husbands are to love their wife as Christ loved the Church (which he died for). Cruz did the honorable thing in keeping his promise to God last night by standing with his wife, and by honoring his father. Could Ted Cruz in good conscience support a man who attacked his family? I know I could not.

Still, I am seeing him blasted by conservatives and Christians last night and today. I would hope anyone who takes the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God would take the same stand. That they would fight for One’s approval and keeping a promise to Him, rather than earning man’s approval (Galatians 1:10).

I don’t see them talking about Trump backing off his promise. Or calling for Trump to repent and apologize (he professes to be a Christian) for his remarks. We have thrown aside religious conviction for an election. I can tell you this, I don’t care what promise I make when you attack my family I will stand with them ten out of ten times. Instead of insulting Ted Cruz many men can learn a lesson. What it means to stand with your wife and how to keep a promise you made to God, even if it means getting booed off the stage.



Christian Worldview: Gender Identity and Bathrooms

For a few weeks now the topic of bathrooms have been an ongoing and heated conversation. The state North Carolina, led by Governor Pat McCrory, passed HB 2 (otherwise known as the “Bathroom Bill”) in response to a 7-4 approving vote by the Charlotte City Council’s for persons to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. HB 2 protects private businesses from government overreach, and maintains that persons must use their assigned gender in public restrooms.

Supporters of HB 2 have been put to public shame. Being called ignorant, bigots, discriminators, and I was even called racist (not sure how that applies). Filmmaker Michael Moore, artists like Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr, and Cirque du Soleil have all cancelled events in North Carolina. It is a bit ironic that they are refusing to do business with people they disagree with, but chastise Christians for doing the same thing.

So how should we look at this, and respond from a Christian worldview?

Accommodation Only Hurts

First, we must understand that accommodating to those who identify as a different gender than the actual biological make-up they possess are need of help. Currently about .3% of the population identifies as transgender. What is being fed to the American people is that if we are not willing to accommodate for transgender people then we are against them. However, I believe the exact opposite is true. Transgender people do need help because they are dealing with a skewed identity of who they are. Accommodating only hurts because we are telling them they are right, when we should be striving to get them the real medical attention then need. Many doctors agree that those who identify as another gender opposite of the reality of who they are struggling with mental illness. When it comes to any other mental illness we seek to get people help except for on this issue. Instead we want people to be forced to accommodate and only enable.

The American  College of Pediatrics recently wrote about children and gender identity. In the write up you can see many of the issues, and they liken enabling gender confusion to child abuse. Much of this can be applied to adults struggling with gender identity as well.  This is an a mental health issue we are turning a blind eye to while  41% of transgender people attempting suicide.  That is not normal and it is tragic and I believe we need to stop enabling, and them the help they need. Sex change is not the answer, nor does it biologically change gender, and suicide certainly is not the answer.

Most important, this is an attack on the imago Dei as well. The imago Dei translates into the image of God. The Bible teaches than man and woman are both made in His image. He created each of us as man and as a woman. In the womb God began a work in creating each person, and God makes no mistakes. To accept that one’s gender is not the reality of their identity is an attack on the imago  Dei and an attack on God.

It is Not LGBT Discrimination nor Equal to Racisim

Supporters of gender neutral bathrooms often claim this is LGBT discrimination. Many will compare the issue to slavery which is not only asinine, but incredibly offensive as well. The comparison of slavery against African-Americans in America, and LGBT rights are so far apart that any comparison should never be taken seriously. Those who make that comparison are playing of emotions. The two are no way comparable. African-Americans had basic rights taken away and were enslaved. The only perceived discrimination, in this regard, is that transgender people are having to use the restroom of their biological sex.

Still, this is not an LGBT issue but a “T” issue. These bills in no way discriminate against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, nor heterosexuals for that matter.The only people facing perceived discrimination are those who identify as transgender. The question is then is it discrimination for someone to have to use the bathroom of their gender? Do individuals have the right to use whatever restroom or locker room they feel like?

Open Door for Predators 

Many proponents for gender neutral bathrooms will try to belittle the arguments of their opponents. Saying transgender people just want to go do their business and don’t care about you. They will make it appear that all who are against gender neutral bathrooms believe all transgender people are pedophiles and are out to hurt everyone. That is not what supporters of bills like HB 2 are saying.

The stance that I, and most people against gender neutral bathrooms, take is that this is an open door for predators. Opponents will say that we are operating out of unfounded fear. To make that claim is either naivety or ignorance. We are already seeing multiple cases of this popping up here, here, here, and here. We already have four cases were predators have either taken care of gender neutral bathroom/locker room laws, or easily could if these laws were passed.

Any man could go expose himself in a locker room in front of children, and watch them change, if gender neutral bathroom laws are passed. There is no way to stop that. Cameras will be installed and the privacy of our spouses, children, and families may very well be attacked. You have to answer if you are okay with children and women being potentially harmed, like in the four cases above, so .3% of the population can use any bathroom they want? I will choose to side with Lt. Governor of North Carolina Dan Forest who said, “If our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it.”

What About Women?

The claim is made that a transgender male or female will feel uncomfortable using the bathroom of their identity. Therefore, we must make accommodations so that they can be comfortable in public restrooms. What we have neglected to ask is, will females be comfortable knowing that men may be in the bathroom or locker room with them? Potentially showering and exposing themselves to these people. What about the comfort of children? Are we potentially going to sacrifice the comfort and security of 99.7% of the population for .3% and pave the way for predators to have easier access to harm individuals? I pray not.

In Ephesians 5 Paul tells the early Christian husbands to love their wife as Christ loved the Church. How did Christ exactly love the Church? He died for Her and protected Her. Christian men, we must be the leading voices in fighting for our spouse and our children. I

God’s Answer 

God’s answer is to run to Him. Transgenders, predators, and everyone in between can go to Him. In their going it will require the step of repentance and crucifying self. Finding their identity in the one who gave use our biological sex to begin with. Our identity will always be skewed when we find it on other things. What we own, what we do, what want others to thing, or what we perceive our gender to be. We need to find out identity in who Christ is. The perfect image of the invisible God. The spotless lamb, the sacrificed son, the giant slayer, the acceptable sacrifice, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and God in the flesh.


Family Worship

Don Whitney has recently come out with some helpful videos to help you lead your family in Family Worship. I want to share these with you and express why I think that Family Worship is important. This is from the first video:

A survey by the Barna Research Group found that 85% of parents with children under age 13 believe they have primary responsibility for teaching their children about religious beliefs and spiritual matters. And yet, a majority of parents don’t spend any time during a typical week discussing religious matters or studying religious materials with their children, instead relying on their church to do all the religious training their children will receive.

I often have parents come up to me and comment about how secular public school has become. Usually in this conversation there is a comment about not allowing prayer. I agree that we need prayer in schools, but we also need it in the homes! In seminary my evangelism professor shared a very sad stat. Over 90% of professing Christians surveyed admitted they do not daily pray with their children. This is alarming.

This also lets us know if they are not praying together then they are probably not reading the bible together. However, families are sharing meals, watching TV, shopping, and doing much more together. Parents, your children are watching. What you spend time doing the most with (or without) your kids will be seen as the priority. Make spiritual formation a priority, and spiritual formation primarily takes place at home. Parents, you are the primary disciplers of your children. Don’t rely on one or two church services a week to be sufficient for your family. We must daily pursue holiness and daily seek to grow in our knowledge about God.

I love how Whitney ends each video:

God deserves to be worshiped daily in your home by your family.

Family worship is simple: Read the Bible, pray, and sing. Show your children that God is worthy of worship. Show your children that this is the most important thing that you do each day. If you want children who continue to walk with God years from now start by being the example.

I read this quote today from David Platt, President of the International Mission Board:

“Privatized faith in a resurrected King is practically inconceivable.”

How true this statement is. In that same seminary class we learned that 90% (though most studies show upwards of 98%) of professing Christians will never share their faith. How tragic and what utter disobedience to the command of Christ. Share your faith with your kids daily and let this lead to boldness for you at work and for them at school. Be a family on mission for the gospel of Christ.

I hope you will find these videos and the 30 day Family Worship starter helpful. As always, please contact me with any questions you may have. We have been given Great Commission from a worthy God. Let is start in our homes.







Christian Worldview: Should I Let My Child See Deadpool?

If your student is like me they love it when Marvel releases a new film. I am not really into the comics, but I have seen all of the movies they have been releasing as of late. They are funny, clean, and usually have a good message. However, I will not be going to see Deadpool when it comes out this year. Just because it is Marvel does not mean it is okay to go and see as a believer. In this short write up I hope you will see why you should not let your kid see it, and why you should not see it.

1) Language

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to language today, especially profanity. Most Christians I have encountered usually have a reason why using profanity is okay. Typically, because the Bible doesn’t explicitly forbid it and because the profanity today is not the same as then.

I think the Bible speaks towards profanity here, here, and here. The Bible also teaches in 1 Thessalonians 5:22, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Your kids are already hearing this at school, sports teams, and by playing video games online. Why would we want to enable that any further? This kind of speech is not pleasing to God for us to say or to hear, and by going to see this film you’re allowing your ears and mind to be filled with speech that God finds repulsive.

Everything we say, watch, and do is to glorify God.

2) Graphic Nudity

Let me give you some 2014 stats from an organization called Proven Men:

Christian (18-30):

  • 77% look at pornography at least monthly;
  • 36% view pornography at least daily;
  • 32% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 12% think they may be).

Christian men (ages 31-49):

  • 77% looked at pornography while at work in the past 3 months;
  • 64% view pornography at least monthly; and
  • 18% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 8% think they may be).

Married Christian Men:

  • 55% look at pornography at least monthly; and
  • 35% had an extra-marital sexual affair while married.

What about teenagers. This research from Covenant Eyes is pretty alarming:

“In a 2010 national survey, over a quarter of 16- to 17-year olds said they were exposed to nudity online when they did not want to see it. In addition 20% of 16-year-olds and 30% of 17-year-olds have received a “sext” (a sexually explicit text message).

More than 7 out of 10 teens hide their online behavior from their parents in some way.

35% of boys say they have viewed pornographic videos “too many times to count.”


More than half of boys and nearly a third of girls see their first pornographic images before they turn 13. In a survey of hundreds of college students, 93% of boys and 62% of girls said they were exposed to pornography before they turned 18. In the same survey, 83% of boys and 57% of girls said they had seen images of group sex online.”

Part of Deadpool’s “R” rating is because of graphic nudity. You are kidding yourself if you think viewing a movie with graphic nudity will not have an affect on you or your child. With the porn industry targeting 8-11 year old boys why would we want to subject them to that? Read this quote from the linked Patheos article:

“Because males are so visual (especially sexually), pornography is almost irresistibly attractive to them. Pornography is so addictive in the male’s mind because it causes a hormone to be released that actually creates a high. It works in the male brain similar to the way cocaine does. This hormone needs greater stimulation and causes the user to need and want more each time it is released. Porn users need bigger prizes, more degrading, more graphic, and more explicit images. The erotic images viewed are cataloged in a males’ mind for further use at a later time. They also cause him to be desensitized toward women and to make unfair and unrealistic comparisons.”

If we know all of this to be true about porn, and make no mistake about it the graphic nudity in this film constitutes as porn, then why would we open the door for that to our children? Why would we pay money for what might enable a struggle in their life, and in our life, for many years to come. Christians, we aren’t called to tolerate evil or close our eyes when it’s on the screen. No, we are called to flee from it. We are called to rebuke it. We are called to be above reproach. We are called to flee sexual immorality. What signal does this send if we allow our kids to see this film, or worse, see it with them?

Bottom line: Does watching this film draw you closer to and glorify God?

Parents, it will not make you cool or liked to not allow your child to see this movie. Maybe you are considering taking your child to see this movie. Instead of doing that invest in your child’s spiritual formation. They may not thank you now but they may just do it later. Make your kid’s spiritual formation a priority even if it cost you some cool points.

Sit down with your child and explain why you are not allowing them to see this movie. Tell Jesus died because of our sins. He died so we can have relationship with him. Why would we causally indulge in the things that crucified our Savior? Instead, plan a fun evening out doing something else. Just be with them. Before the night is over spend time in Scripture together. It’s an infinitely better story, and one that will also change your kids life in a much better way.


Compassion in the Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has taken the internet, particularly social media, by storm. Everyone has an opinion on the matter. There is not secret that my opinion is to consider receiving women and children to protect them from certain death. There are arguments to accept no one from people with good intention. As Christians we are caught between two worlds.  There is the reality of the fallen depraved world in which we live, and there is the hope in the Kingdom that is to come. We want to be smart in the reality in which we exist, but live for the Kingdom where we will always live. How can we do this in the midst of this crisis?

Show compassion. It is really that simple. And here is the great thing about compassion, no matter which side you are on you can have compassion. I have heard many people say, “Even the Muslim people around them will not take them in so why should we?” Friends, Muslim people do not know the God that Christians know. 1 John makes it clear we know love because we know God. How can we expect those who do not know God to show compassion? And how can we not expect those that do know God not to show compassion? So what are some ways we can do this?

1. Pray

Pray for these refugees, pray for our leaders who have to make tough decisions, pray for the enemy of the refugees, and pray about how you can help. Prayer is a powerful thing and we should intercede for those in help. How many of us Christians have stopped and prayed about this at all? How many have has prayed if our position is the biblical position? Folks, we need an open Bible and a submitted heart on this issue

Today I prayed for the need for people to seek refuge to end. I prayed that the enemy would come to authentic salvation, or due justice. I prayed that church would have the compassion and humility to act appropriately if given the opportunity.

If you have not prayed for these refugees what is stopping you?

2. Care

These refugees are people facing death. While some may try to slip in as terrorist the mass majority are fleeing terrorist. Care about what they are going through. Let’s think of the refugees as individuals. People who are in need of help. People with names, people with families, people with jobs, etc. People in need of help and the Gospel. Don’t remove yourself from this fact. Do not desensitize the situation by generalizing them. They are people like you and I, and if roles were reversed I know what we would all want.

Care if they know the gospel are not. Many of these people have never heard the name of Jesus. They will live, die, and go to Hell without hearing the gospel. That should deeply disturb us! I have seen too many people claim Christ not care. Or insinuate we should care more about Americans than Syrians. I am really glad that is not how the gospel works. It is for the Jew and the Gentile.

The book of James tells us that pure religion takes care of the widows and orphans. If you are not deeply disturbed that children are dying then I you cannot claim you are pro-life. Be an advocate for these without a voice like the ones in the womb without a voice! Compassion and love do not end when it no longer convenient for you.

If you are not disturbed by innocent men, women, and children dying at the hands of the same enemy we fear it might be a heart issue. People dying without hearing the gospel should make us deeply saddened. You don’t have to open your door but you should be deeply saddened by what is happening. Longing for Jesus to return and rid the world of such evil.

3. Stop Posting Hateful Things

This is for people on both sides. Christians do not need to make those who feel strongly about rejecting refugees for what they perceive to be pure motives as not be Christian, or lesser than. That is not helpful and if not careful we can be guilty of this, and I confess I may have been that way.

Also, meme’s that show the number of veterans who are homeless are not helpful. One, God does not distinguish the difference in the souls. They both matter and deserve compassion equally, one is not greater or in more need than the other. Secondly on this, what are you doing to help these homeless veterans? If nothing then don’t post that.

The internet can be helpful but often we post out of emotion. I am very guilty of this. Pray about what you are going to post, wait before you post, and seek to glorify God in what you post. Meme’s and messages of hate have no business on the social media page of Christian. No matter which side you belong on.

4. Preach the Gospel

“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” 2 Timothy 4:2. This means when it is easy, and when it isn’t. What we say about the refugee matters. Our theology of this crisis matters. What we say and believe about the refugees says a lot about what we believe about the gospel.

The gospel is not popular, and it will not make sense. And it should not make sense. When we understand this life isn’t really about us it changes how we act and what we say. Most people will not understand that. It may just point them to the cross though so be bold in your proclamation.

Whatever you view is may it be a gospel-centered view. Back it up with Scripture and may your convictions be clear and pure. May they point people to the cross.

5. Recognize the Reality of Sin

Sandy Hook was not ISIS. Columbine was not ISIS. Charleston was not ISIS. Aurora was not ISIS. These were American men consumed by the reality of sin. It’s not going to end. The reality is that more people will be victims of terror, and more people will be victims of people here at home too. This is not exclusively a Muslim problem, it is a sin problem.

Until this world is completely eradicated from the affect of the Fall there will always be sin. There is only one solution and cure, the gospel. Muslims need it, Americans need, and you and I need it as well. If we completely wipe out ISIS there will be a new threat. Do not be prejudice and make outlandish non-factual claims about a people. Anyone and everyone is just as capable of being guilty of sin.

6. Be Ready to Act

If refugees are not let in be ready to pray, send care packages, and whatever else you can do to help. We should want to help people in need even if it means from a distance. Support a missionary, just find a way to get involved whether big or small.

If they do come here be prepared to serve. Help get food, encourage your church to get involved, and whatever else you can to serve these people as Matthew 25:35-40 teacher. Either way just be ready to act as you would want people to act, and how Jesus expects us to act to our neighbor in need.

Syrian Refugees from a Christian Worldview

By now you have probably seen the news that the governors of Alabama, Michigan, and Texas will bot be allowing Syrian refugees. Those fleeing for their lives will find no safety in these states. As this news broke I watched on Facebook for responses. I watched local politicians pander, I watched people refer to mosques as training grounds for terrorist,  I watched people celebrate refusal to help those in need. And I understand these celebrations. After what happened in Paris it is obvious that there are people who want to kill over an ideology. That while most Syrian refugees are running from what we are afraid of some are slipping into that guise to to perhaps bring home. While I understand this fear from a Christian worldview I cannot accept it. So how then does the Christian respond to this?

We need to recognize we are not far removed from being an enemy ourself. Before we were regenerate we were enemies of God, and we hated God. Colossians says this about our pre-regenerate life, “And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds.” Ephesians 2:3 says that were born as “natures of wrath.” While were yet sinners in this way Christ died for His elect still. While we hated God, He loved us in the way of death on a cross. When we opposed Him, He welcomed us.

Read Matthew 25:35-40 and James 1:27. The biblical mandate is quite clear. We care for the orphans, the widows, and we offer what we have to those in need. There is no prerequisite to this, we simply act as God dated towards us. We as image bearers of God are to reflect the characteristics He puts on display. Loving our enemies, caring for them, and even when they hate us we offer a helping hand. We do not look through the lens of an American worldview, but of a Christian worldview. This does not mean we do not seek justice against the terrorist who bring harm. We can and should do that. It just means when someone is in need of help, we help.

On the flip side of all of this is an eternal perspective to keep in mind. Many of the Syrians fleeing have never heard the gospel clearly or at all. They do not know who Jesus Christ is, or have not clearly understood who He is. In that state when physical death comes, so does an eternal spiritual death. Women and children who have never heard of Jesus will spend eternity in Hell. How can we as recipients of this good news be okay with that? How does that cause celebration?  Friends we are living for a different Kingdom and must always live with those actions in mind.

You cannot beg for America to be a more Christian nation and to seek God only when it is convenient to what you believe. I hope you are as grieved as I am. Grieved at the celebrations of refusal for help that may bring physical and spiritual death to many. Grieved by instead of letting the great commission coming to us we have chosen to refuse the opportunity to evangelize to thousands, and to provide safety for christians who are in danger.

I understand the fear of letting military aged men here. I think at a minimum we should offer safety of women and children. I understand the fear of what that may bring to us. I understand it is a tricky situation and we should never intentionally put ourselves and others in harms way. I am not advocating that. I simply ask you to pray. What would Christ have us do?

As one of my Facebook friends put it, “If we stop loving others when we’re inconvenienced, threatened, or afraid… did we really ever love at all?” Our job here on earth is simple: to know God and to make Him known. A great way to do that is helping refugees as God has done to us, and using that as an opportunity to point people to the Gospel.

God Blessing America and Legislating Morality

Earlier this morning I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. As I have napped and laid in bed I have though about the Republican debate last night, recent events here in the states, and concerns from christians. Often we hear about if we will pray God will hear our land (I wrote about that here). Is that true though? Sorry of any typos, I am still la little loopy and sluggish, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Over the summer the Supreme Court ruled according to their interpretation the Constitution did not permit the banning of so-called same-sex marriage. Just like that in all 50 states homosexuals legally had the right to wed in the eyes of the American government. A county clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, has gotten a lot of attention for not issuing so-called same-sex marriage licenses. Her argument is that it violates her conscience and seeks an accommodation. I have a lot of thoughts on this situations but will not express them here.

Also over the past several weeks a group has released video after video of planned parent videos. Videos that show the selling or baby parts, and other heinous acts. This coming onto a collision with our elected officials very soon and I think things are going to get very interesting.

I want to make it very clear to you that I oppose so-called same-sex marriage, and I hate and oppose abortion. However, the question must be asked if we made laws against these and all others laws if America then would come back under the blessing that we have allegedly lost. You may disagree with me, I may be wrong, but I would like if you would read the words I will write and offer any rebuttal or thoughts you may have.

I will start with this: you cannot legislate morality. If so-called same-sex marriage was banned this would not end same-sex relationships. Marriage is only part of the issue. Simply making something illegal brings no glory to God. Same with abortion. Abortion could be (and should be) made illegal, but the reality is that abortion would most likely never cease altogether.

God is not into behavioral modification. He doesn’t want people not to get married because the law says they cannot, but still live together as a married couple would. As honorable as it would be to round up and prosecute all who perform abortions, He does not want people seeking illegal ways for it to happen. God is not about simply changing the way we live and going through the motions because of laws; friends that is legalism. God wants to transform our hearts.

Israel was God’s chosen nation of the Old Testament. They knew God, they were HIs people. They failed. Those Ten Commandments we fight to have displayed, they failed all of the, every year. This is why Yom Kippur existed. God sent prophets, curses, and captivity to a nation that He called His own. No man or woman is capable of keeping the law. That’s the point! You see, Israel had the laws and still failed. Their theocracy no longer exist even though the laws were put in place. Why? Because we are sinful and we act as we please. Israel knew and experience God in a much different way that the United States. The law was completely moral and they lost their land, and were taken into captivity more than once.

See, you can make all the laws you want. However, if people do not experience the life changing  power of the Gospel, if that doesn’t change them like on Jesus can then God gets no glory. He gets no glory our of legalism, He gets no glory for us following the law out of fear. No, God receives the Glory when He is our utmost satisfaction. God is glorified when we follow Him not because of laws but because we know that’s where joy is. God is glorified when we forsake who we are to make Him known.

We are not a Christian nation. Laws making us look more Christian do not make us that, and they will not bring blessing. What every individual here, and around the world, is to have their eyes opened to the reality of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Legislating morality I believe models that of the pharisees in the Bible. It does not mean we let go of our morals however. It means that we know our work will not bring God’s blessing, but only His work can do that. So what do we do? We go. We tell everyone. We pray. We fight for the voiceless. We serve the needy. We serve those against us. We love everyone. And we speak the Gospel with our words and lives. You want change? Turn to the only Sovereign who can bring the change. Legislating morality is a poor savior and it will not work. Jesus though will change and transform lives, something we all desperately need