State Sweep!

Tonight the University that I attend swept out arch rival for the season, after 2 weeks ago beating their gymnastics team for the 101st time in a row. Almost makes up for the loss last November. There is a lot of hatred between the two schools, the funny thing is most of my best friends from home either pull for or go to the rival school. Makes for interesting talks when we get to hang out over the breaks.

My school is trying to make it to the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time in over 5 years. We are 19-8 (11-2), undefeated at home, and won our division in the conference. It’s exciting to actually have a basketball team to cheer for and having the gym packed out every night.

We played pretty terrible tonight, shooting 26% from the field and turning the ball over 18 times. We were down the whole night, as many as 14 at one point. When it mattered though junior star JaMychal Green tipped in the winning basket with .3 seconds on the clock. This keeps our tournament dreams alive, thank goodness.

The rest of my day was real chill, not much happened which was nice for a change. Tomorrow my intramural basketball team looks to improve to 3-0 and I have a mid-term. Also I have a big interview tomorrow, needless to say it will be a busy day! So say a prayer for me and I will for you! God bless and roll tide!


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