Imma Need to Rant A Minute

Ever have one of those days? I know I did, so I am going to rant a bit *Blogger Notice* If you do not like people complaining about everyday life, DO NOT READ *Blogger Notice*

Well, today was one of those days where it just seemed like it would never end. I had a lot of reading to do this morning to prepare for some papers due next week. I then had my first class at 1:00 pm, and let me say I hate that class. All it is, is busy work and really is a bore to sit through. Then i had my Mexico Since 1810 class at 3:00 pm, and I really like my professor in that class. I really do I promise, but today I was just not in a good mood. Class is to end at 4:15, but that joker kept us till 4:20. I know what you’re thinking “That’s only 5 minutes, chill dude” well you sit through Mexican History for and hour and fifteen minutes and get excited about leaving, to only have to wait another 5 minutes. And for real, people have other classes and things to get to. You have your alloted time, now let us go.

While I am waiting to get out of class, work calls which now I am late to because of the delay. I like my job, a lot actually which is something not a lot of people can say. Like most Americans there are some days when I do not want to work. Today was one of those days, it was a fairly smooth night but after the long day of non stop reading and busy work, 4:30- 11:00 was not how I wanted to end the day. Oh wait! My day is not over just yet!

I was hungry since I had not eaten since lunch, and decided to grab some grub. I went over to Wendy’s on 15th Street. After waiting for 5 minutes without moving and behind 8 cars, I decided to leave. So I decided to go to BK on Lurleen Wallace (which is always a bad decision, unreliable.) Well I get to the drive-thru and the sign says “We are closed till 11:45 pm due to understaffing” I mean what the heck? first of understaffing is two words, and secondly who does that? So I trek down HWY 69 to the Wendy’s off McFarland, and go to Walgreen’s and get me a gallon of Milo’s Tea and finally get home about 11:45!

I am a really blessed person, but days like today can be frustrating. Nothing terrible happened just a ton of little things is enough to tick anyone off.

Matthew 11:28 says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary , burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I need some rest, thankfully the Lord gives us that. As I was complaining tonight I was really hit though with how good I have it. If that is what I consider a bad or tiring day, I have a great life. I am very thankful for it too!  Also I am thankful tomorrow is the weekend!

I got class, boo! But my intramural team looks to cap off the regular season undefeated (which I doubt, we face some ballers). Then I am going bowling and chilling with some friends, a good way to kick off the weekend.

So to sum it all up, watch the video above if you had a bad day because I swear that kid will make everything okay!  Thanks for letting me vent, hope everyone has a great Thursday.


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