My Bucket List

Tonight is a Friday night, and I am sitting at the apartment because tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM I have to take the APTTP. So there end I could not go out and have any fun tonight, but to some extent I am okay with that. I got to watch for the first time because of this The Bucket List. For those of you who are incompetent (jk) a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (i.e. die). I have had one for a while, but I haven’t really updated in a while. I figured I would share what I have with you so far on my list.

Some of the things on my list I have done, most I haven’t. My list is far from complete, and some of the things may be hard to do. But these are things I would like to experience during my time on this earth. This is what I have so far, and would love you hear what is on your list!

My Bucket List

1. Visit every US state

2. Go to a game at Fenway Park

3. Go To New York City

4. skydive

5. See a game at every SEC football stadium

6. Buy a meal for a stranger

7. Graduate from college

8. Learn a foreign language

9. Learn to play an instrument

10. Fly in a hot air balloon

11. Visit Europe

12. Go on a foreign mission trip

13.  Go sailing

14. Go to an NFL game

15. Go to an NBA game

16. Make a difference in someone’s life

17. Coach a team

18. Learn to tie a tie

19. Swim with dolphins

20.  Fly a plane
That is all I have so far, what’s on your bucket list?


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