March Madness Baby!

2011 NCAA Bracket


That is right folks, the stretch of days that I most enjoy as a sports fan. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also dubbed as “The Big Dance”. One of the greatest things I enjoy during this week is sitting down and stressing out while filling out my bracket. Everyone wants a perfect bracket, which is literally impossible without divine intervention. Everyone knows there will be upsets, sometimes epic upsets. There will also be a team that makes an unexpected run (Butler, George Mason, etc.) the hard part is picking these upsets and runs, and worrying that the one’s you picked will totally mess up your bracket.

One pick can totally mess you up, I can attest to that from last year. The year before though was the best bracket I have ever made in about 6 years of doing it. I finished in the top 700 out of 40 million brackets on,   game right and team from the “Sweet 16” to the Finals. I will literally spend this weekend, probably with friends, huddled around a TV getting mad and cheering for teams I have no allegiance with. It’s the beauty of making your own bracket though, you feel connected to the teams you pick.

Two years ago I picked Villanova to make the “Final Four”. I remember many people called me dumb and said it was a terrible pick. After they made it to the “Sweet 16” I ordered a “Nova Nation” shirt and cheered them all the way to the “Final Four”. There is just something about the satisfaction of getting it right, while your friends get it wrong.

This years bracket is one that made me mad at first. The school I attend was shafted out of the tournament which left me bitte last night. Today though I got up and filled out my bracket, because I love this and look forward to it once basketball season begins. So I would like to invite you, yes you to my bracket group. Follow these instructions and see if you bracket is better than mine:

1. Go to

2. Fill out the bracket on the main page

3. When complete select join group

4. Search “256 Bracketology”

5. Join and see if you can beat me

It is as easy as that, join in and see if your bracket is the best in the nation. I am not going to lie this years bracket was one of the tougher ones I have seen. The upsets are hard to pick, and the top teams are very good. I may change mine before games start. Which games start tomorrow SO FILL OUT YOUR BRACKET NOW. I figured I would share my “Final Four” with you guys to close out today’s blog (Or at least my picks as of right now) I have no mid majors making a run that for, and the highest seeded team I have is a 3. So without anymore delay I give to you my “Final Four”: Kansas, UCONN, Syracuse, and  Pitt. We will see how that works out, probably horribly.


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