May 5th, please hurry.

3 weeks, or 11 days, even 2100 minutes in the classroom are left in this semester. Needless to say, I am more than ready for this semester to be over. I am taking 16 hours and have never had so much work to do in a semester in my life. May 5, 2011 is the day of my last final and it cannot get here any sooner!


This week happens to be the busiest week of my semester. A 10 page paper, 5 page paper, 2 presentations, and test are all going down this week. Also my 21st birthday is Wednesday! No worries readers, I will not be getting drunk that evening, not my style. Then this weekend ushers in a little glimpse of what football will look like in the Fall, that is right A-Day! So this week is full of stress mixed in with a little fun too.


It is crazy really, my dad’s birthday is March 30, brothers is April 9, mine is the 13th, grandfather’s 16th, and my mother has hers the 18th. My sister is the odd ball out in July.


I like school, it just gets on my nerves. I mean I really think our professors think that we are the only class they are taking. I have over about 15 books I had to read this semester, that is one a week. And then all these papers and what not! I mean come on, I have 16 hours of classes and a part-time job. They barely give me time to live.

May 5th is also important or two reasons:

1. Sanctus Real and The Afters are coming to my hometown to put on a show. I will post a couple of videos by them in case you haven’t heard of them, they are the bee’s knees.

2. It will be exactly 3 weeks until I leave for Fuge! If you don’t know what that is ask me!  I will be glad to fill you in.

Until I Blog again, God be with you!






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