Fuge 2011

Hello again Friends! Once again it has been a minute, but fear not for I am here once again. Usually I like to tickle your minds with all sorts of things. Today however I come to you with a request. I need all of you to send me $5….. jk, but you can if you want!

As many of you know tomorrow I start a journey that will last this entire summer up in Greenville, SC. I am working for Fuge Camps in their M-Fuge program. I will be leading a group of kids every week in Bible Study, and later in the day at a site in “Social Ministry” in the city. It will be sad not to see all you beautiful people, but I know what I am doing is the Will of the Father.

I know what you’re thinking “But Jared you said you needed a favor, how can we help when you are so far away?” Oh worry not friends, I am going somewhere with this. I need prayers, this summer will not only be physically draining but emotionally. I ask when you can to lift me up and prayer so I will be able to be as successful as I can. I will also be praying for you guys in return back home, in the areas hit by tornadoes and just in your everyday life.

It just hit me this is my final blog in Alabama for a while, sorry for the ADD moment back to the point

I know this summer will be one that I will never forget and will change who I am in many ways. My prayer is that all things I do will glorify God and will be for the betterment of the Kingdom. I will miss you all family and friends, it will be weird not hanging out at Jerry’s Pharmacy all summer and being with my 12th Street family.

I know though what I am doing is something I felt called to do at the age of 16 in New York City. Spending my summer working with youth aged kids and sharing the love of Christ. I have had many people talk about how great it is I am giving up summer for this. Let me be clear I am giving up nothing, I will love this and it is what I am called to do.

I will try to keep you updated the best I can though it will be difficult. Contact me if you want my address or need my email. It can be to say hello or you need someone to pray for something. I pray the Lord’s blessings are evident and plentiful for you and your families this summer! God Bless!


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