Who is in Control of Your Life?

Friends, hello! I can’t believe it has been so long since my last blog. Since then I have finished camp, been to the beach, moved into my new apartment, and started my new job. Here were some numbers from our camp this summer:

128 first time decisions for Christ

436 redidcations

40 calls to the ministry

222 other decisions

7,000 campers

What a great summer it was! God used our staff in a mighty way, and we all know this was not possible without him. I consider a blessing to have worked with the people I did, and to be a part of something so powerful.

All of this got me thinking, who controls your life? I know from experience it is hard to submit to the authority of God. I ran for 5 years from a calling into the ministry, chasing my own dreams. I wanted the glory for myself, instead of letting my life give glory to God. It is hard to put pride to the side and submit, but it is something as a believer we are commanded to do. Pride and independence from God go hand in hand. If you let pride control your life and you chase your own ambitions, well you are telling God “I’ve got this.” Let me assure you, you do NOT have this. Sure we would all love to be rich and successful, in the way of the world. You can be poor though and follow God’s Will, and you will be rich and successful in the Spirit. No, giving up on your goals and ambitions will not be easy at first. I promise in the long run though, it is a lot easier than going down the wrong road.

We all know Jeremiah 29: 11:

“For I know the plans for you” declares the LORD ” plans to prosper you and not to harm, plans to give you a hope and a future”

Well then, what do our plans do? They lead to a path of separation and destruction. John Piper says “God is most satisfied in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” The only way we will be satisfied in Him is if we are living for Him. Therefore, God can only be satisfied in us when we live for Him. Anything else we are being disobedient and living for ourselves, thus putting the glory on us and away from God. My friends, I assure you that is not something you want to do.

At the same time, we are all living missionaries when we profess Christ. I had a Bible teacher in high school who told us he never told people he was a Christian. He said it was to easy to say, rather he said he was a follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings. Not anyone can say that, we live in a sinful world. The world has always been of sin since the fall, but it appears today it could be worse than ever. I think we can all be called hypocrites in our lives, but nothing is more frustrating to me is to see people to take advantage of Grace. I have heard people literally say, well I am going to do this because God will forgive me later. To be a Christian, we are to be above the world and its influence. James 1:22 says:

“Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

It is simple, practice what you preach. It is people like Lil’ Wayne who thank God and mention him, but live how they want. Listen to the lyrics, I do not know a man’s heart, but  I know him by the fruit he bears. Don’t let people judge you, yes you will mess up. People will notice though when you give your life up to Christ. You will be transformed and will know you have recognized you don’t own your life. I do not own mine, Christ gave His life for me and I have given mine to Him. That meant giving up my dream and following the path He has for me. Wherever that path goes, I will follow until he calls me home.

If you are going to claim to be a Christian, know that means living like Christ. That means He is in control, I challenge you to give up the earthly desires and submit to things above it. You will reap the benefits and people will notice. It is time “Christians” stop giving other Christians a bad name. Own your faith, and let Him own your life. Prayers to you all as always. Till I blog again, God Bless!