Africa, East Asia- A Chance to Give

“Why do you do it? Why do you think you have to go to all these places?”

A fair question that was asked of me when I announced to some friends that along with spending Spring Break in Africa, two days after graduation I would be leaving for East Asia. I thought got a minute, it shouldn’t be a tough question but it was. I thought back on my trip last year to Zimbabwe and the growth I experienced in that trip. I thought of friends I have serving in East Asia, Africa, and Europe who do this for a living. I thought of Matthew 18:29 commands us to spread the good news to all the earth. My reply was what came to my head “If not me, then who will?”

I don’t believe that I am more special in the sense it has to be to go on these trips. I am fallen sinner in as much need of the savior as the next person. I know thought that if God can use a man like Paul, he can use Jared Cornutt. God doesn’t need me He can get it done without me, but He can use me. The good news I believe is He can use everyone, and every believer should want to go somewhere and tell someone about Jesus. For us who have Jesus, wouldn’t you want someone to come tell you about Him if you didn’t know? Matthew 28:19 is what the church should be known for! Sadly we have corrupted the message of Christ to go, baptize, and teach all nations and transformed it into a message of come, be baptized, and listen in one location. That is heresy at best. The greatest purpose we as Christians have is to enjoy the grace of Christ as we tell the gospel of Christ to all nations. A preacher once said “The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity” Once you do it, you won’t want to stop but we have to stop use waiting for it to happen!

So we need to pray boldly, and commit! The phrase, “Jesus is the most important part of my life,” is uninformed at best. If we read the New Testament correctly, then Jesus doesn’t get relegated to a part of piece of life. He has come and boldly proclaimed that He is life, not a slice or sliver of it. Last August I prayed boldly after being challenged in the summer of 2011 for Christ to give me an opportunity to serve him somewhere. That somewhere happened to by a little community called Sanyati in Zimbabwe.   Through Him I raised the money, helped build a roof for a hospital (there is a blog on that on the page), and serve a people in the name of the most high God. I prayed that same prayer again and a trip to South Africa so happened fall during my Spring Break to go to Johannesburg, South Africa to go to the “Door of Hope.” An orphanage for abandoned babies in the city, many of which are HIV positive. I believed God would provide a way for me to go.

Then in October of this year I was presented an opportunity to go to East Asia. The trip was going to be about as much as the Africa trip. I felt the same call to go, but I had a problem. I knew there was no way I could ask people for so much money in such a short of amount of time, it would not be fair. God provides friends. My trip was independently funded by an anonymous source giving me the chance to raise money for East Asia. God is sovereign and God is good.

So why should we do this? Why is disciple making so important? Other than of course that Christ commands us to do so. Well here are some numbers that I hope trouble you if you’re a believer.

Global Statistics

Peoples-by-Country Individuals
All People Groups 16,448 6.92 billion
Unreached People Groups 7,082 2.89 billion
% Unreached Peoples 43.1 % 41.7 %

That’ too many people whose eternal home will be hell. I know what you may be thinking, there is no way God would send people to hell who don’t know Him! Romans 1:20 though says that ignorance is no excuse. Why is there a call to missions if theses people are going to Heaven? Wouldn’t we be doing them a disservice by telling them about Jesus? Think about it. If they get to go to Heaven because they have never heard that’s a sweet deal, but if we go and tell them then there is a chance they will reject it and go to hell. Christ commands us to go. Christians people are dying and spending eternity in Hell because no one told them, you and I didn’t tell the. We are failing. There is no innocent man for we are born sinners. So hell, when all is said and done, is the absence of God’s goodness and blessedness. Therefore, hell is the absence of anything we can think of that’s good, right, comforting, joyous, happy, and peaceful. As Christians we should be working to make sure that no man or woman goes without hearing the good news, until it reaches the ends of the earth.

We go because Christ first loved us, and saved us. It would be a shame to keep that love and message to ourselves. You know there have been a lot of tragic events here and abroad recently. I think our message about the world as Christians should be pretty clear. Evil exist, and the enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10). This world is depraved, evil, and hurting. Let it know someone has come to save it. Tell the world about Jesus. That’s what I love to do and hope you can help me do, tell someone about Jesus.

So how can you help me? Well here are 2 ways:

The first is through prayer support. You can pray for me and the team in the following ways: 1) That God will spiritually prepare me and each member of the team,

2) That God will prepare the hearts of the students we will meet and talk to,

3) That God will provide financially for our trip (each team member needs to raise $1900),

4) That God will keep us safe on our trip, and

5) that God will move powerfully as He uses our team to minister to these people in East Asia.

Secondly, you can provide financial support. If you feel the Lord’s leading, you may send money to help support this mission trip. Please make support checks payable to First Baptist Church and please do not put my name anywhere on the check. The first payment of $1,000 is due by January 22, and the remainder of the money is due by March 19. You can use your donation as a tax write off as well with the end of the year coming up.

A lot of Christians now are at a point where it is difficult for them to go. Jobs, families, and other responsibilities make it difficult. Helping someone go though is a great opportunity in playing a part of spreading the gospel. I am 22, not married, and love going to these places. It’s the best time in my life to do this. There will come a time when I cannot and I hope then I will be able to sponsor people. It’s up to us friends if there are going to be any more disciples. I ask you pray if God is calling you to help, and pray if He is calling you to go. I thank you for reading this and considering helping me take the Gospel to East Asia.


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