4 Biblical Foundations and 4 Cultural Implications- Dr. Platt

4 Biblical Foundations:

1. God creates us as a demonstration of His glory (Genesis 1:26-31)

-Genesis one is a glorious tribute to God as creator

-When He speaks, things happen

-All creation came to be because God said.

-Days 1-5 were good, he says day 6 (the day man was created) was very good.

-Man created in the spitting image of God

Lot’s of great points here, and we see that God longs for fellowship with man and to know man. We see God’s ultimate power and the only proper response is awe. How dare we think we know better and can do things better than a holy God.

2. God designs us for the display of His Gospel (Genesis 2:18-25)

-Man and woman were created with equal dignity but with different roles.

-First time God said something was not good was when Adam was alone, he made someone to compliment him.

-Woman was made for man, plain and simple. To compliment him

-This is not male domination

-Woman is defined as the “helper” which is a significant role.

-Man and woman is purposeful, it shows the Gospel in how Christ loved the Church (Ephesians 5)

Man and woman were made for each other and designed that way. To multiply and to show love to one another. What shows the love of Christ more beautifully than a husband laying down his life for the church? Or the woman helping the man as we are servants of the Gospel? We are equals, but are roles are clearly defined and display God’s glory. Words like submission are thrown around abused, and used incorrectly. In the proper context remember, Jesus submitted to God and that was a good thing

3.God judges us by his righteous law (Genesis 3)

-The assumption that what God says is subject to human judgment is ludicrous.

-God seeks the guilty

-On the worst day in all the world, He gave the greatest news (Genesis 3:15)

Adam, our federal head, sinned and allowed sin into the world. Thus, we were all made slaved to sin at conception (Psalm 51:5) and destined to death (Romans 5:12). God judges righteously and justly, but he still sought us out liked a father does His son and makes us united with Him again (Romans 5:19).

4. God Pursues us with His redeeming love

-Consider the ramifications of this truth applied in our culture today.

Who are we pursuing? What a wonderful display for us to show God by pursuing lost people, like God pursued us. I posed a question Sunday that if God answered all your prayers from the previous week, maybe the month, or the whole year how many people would have come to faith through Jesus? God pursues us let us apply that to our culture.

4 Cultural Implications

1. We fight abortion as an assault on God’s creation and affront to God’s glory.

-We fight abortion as an assault on God’s creation and affront to God’s glory.

-1 million babies aborted in the US every year

-That is a modern day holocaust but worse

-He alone has power to give and take life, no one else.

-Psalm 139

-If the person in the womb is a person than Christian’s in no way can ever support it

-You cannot believe the Word of God and stay silent on abortion

Great points here on abortion. If we believe the Scriptures of our Sovereign God then there is no middle ground. There is absolutely no way we can condone and ever say that is okay to abort as believers. That is the destruction of God’s creation.
2. We flee sexual immortality in our lives.

-Run from it!

-All kinds. Homosexuality, pornography, adultery, etc

-We defend what God set up for His glory

-God designed what he did sexually for a reason, for the display of the gospel in the context of marriage.

-Selective moral outrage in culture is wrong. Heterosexual sin is wrong, doesn’t change because you are in the majority.

-Heterosexual and Homosexual alike, we all have sexual sin and are in need of salvation from a holy and loving God.

Great, just great message here. Sexual sin is rampant in the world today. While homosexuals are a part of that so are heterosexuals. Just because our sin is in the majority doesn’t mean we just point out the sin of the minority. We must flee sexual temptation. We must pursue purity.
3. We work for justice in the world as we speak about the Judge of the world.

-Justice is important to God so it should be important to us too

-We have lost sight of God due to lack of social ministry

-Surely the greatest social injustice in our day is that 6,000 people groups have yet to hear of the redeeming love of God
4. We must give our lives and lead our churches to pursue people still unreached by God’s redeeming love

-We seek people like God sought us

-We do not show God by sitting in the confines of our churches and comfortable homes, but by pursuing people like He did.

Other Quotes

“Let our belief be consistent, and our proclamation be constant”

“Our selective justice is injustice”

“Followers of God must defend marriage as passionately as we fight poverty and human trafficking”

“We don’t have an option of what battles we will fight, and which one’s we will sit out.”

“Sin makes us centered on ourselves rather than those in need, and the God we most need


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