Psalm 51 MIT/MIM

Psalm 51 MIT: This encounter shows David’s response to his sin by repentance through confession, asking for God’s mercy, and responding to God’s love and blessings


Provisional Title: Signs of a Repenting Heart


I. David asked for God’s mercy 51:1-2

II. David acknowledged his sin and knew God’s desire 51:3-6

 III. David asked for forgiveness 51:7-12

IV. David promised to teach others and to worship 51:13-17

 V. David prayed for Zion 51:18-19



Provisional Title: Signs of a Repenting Heart

 I. Prayerfully Ask for Mercy 51:1-2

1. God’s Mercy is Unfailing 51:1

2. God’s Mercy Cleanses us 51:2


II. Prayerfully Confess Our Sins 51:3-6

1. Acknowledge Our Sin Before a Holy God 51:3

2. Sin is an Offense Before a Holy God God 51:4

3. Sin State is not an Excuse Before a Holy God 51:5-6


III. Prayerfully Seek Forgiveness and Restoration 51:7-12

1. Forgiven by Making Pure Again 51:7-8

2. Forgiven by Hiding Face from Sin 51:9

3. Restored by Creating a New heart 51:10

4. Restored by the Spirit and being Sustained 51:11-12


IV. Prayerfully Respond to Repentance 51:13-19

1. Teach Others from Our Shortcomings 51:13

2. Praise the Savior for His Saving Ability 51:14-15

3. A Broken/Repentful Heart Pleases God 51:16-19

 Practical Application:

I. Turn to God when you are helpless

II. Recognize before anyone else your sin is against God- that is serious

III. Restoration unites with God which sin separated us from

IV. Repentance is an action we show God and others


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