Jesus is Better than Santa Claus


We have just wrapped up the Christmas season and 2014 is nearly upon us. During this time of the year we hear a lot about Santa Claus and we hear a lot about Jesus, or we hear a lot about the lack of hearing a lot about Jesus. Honestly though we probably think a lot more about what Santa is bringing us rather than what Jesus is offering us. When we think about it though honestly Jesus is so much better than Santa Claus. Here is why that is true:

Santa is a Legalist 

Nobody like a legalist, no one. Living your life by a strict and moral compass, and expecting the same from others. This is exactly what Santa does! He is making a list and just in case you slipped up he is going to check it twice. If you are good then he rewards you, but if you are bad he completely embarrasses you by giving you coal.

Santa does not give gifts

I know what you are thinking what about the gifts under the tree on Christmas day. Though there may be presents there that does not make them gifts. It goes back to Santa being a legalist. You earned those gifts by correct behavior throughout the year, or you got coal for not being good. A gift is something you do not deserve. Santa convinces us to be good so we can earn our gifts, and that is the opposite of what a gift is.

Jesus is not a legalist and offers the greatest gift

Jesus however offers the true gift. That while we were dead in our sins he showed love by dying for us (Romans 6:23). This gift we could never earn, Jesus earned it for us. For us to attain salvation apart from Jesus is impossible. None of us our righteous, and are indeed born separated from God (Ephesians 2:3). The works of Christ on the cross is what brings us life and unites us with God (Romans 5:19).

So while Santa is good and all, Jesus is so much better. No matter how great your Christmas was remember: The best gift was not and never will be under the tree, but it died on the tree for us. That is love, and that is the greatest gift. This gift is for anyone no matter how good or bad they are, because not one of us is good. So let’s accept this perfect gift, let’s talk about it all the time, and let’s invite all to take part in this life changing gift.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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