The Church and America-WIll You Help Change the Trend?

Below in this blog are some hard facts for those a part of the church in the United States to look at. The numbers at first glance will not be encouraging, and honestly it is very sad to see. The good news is we as christians possess the power to change this through evangelism. Evangelism is something we talk about but the numbers must ask us if it is something that we actually do. A lot of churches have programs geared towards evangelism, but they for the most part are not effective in the US. Look at the statistics below and see what the church is dealing with in the culture. Ask yourself as a Christian, if you are one, what you will do to change these numbers.

-It takes 86 church members (all denominations) in the US to reach 1 person for Christian’s

-Issue: Not the specific number but the fact it continues to rise.

-Polls report 41-43% of Americans say they attend church on a given weekend

-the real number is 17.5% of Americans actually attend church on a given weekend

-85-94% of our churches are non-growing

-There are some that are growing but we have to ask why? Lost coming to Christ, or transfer membership?

-In the past decade, the US population has increased by around 9%

-US church attendance has decreased by 9.5%

-We are fighting in a hole with a 18.5% deficit

-No state has maintained a level of church growth that has kept up with population growth

-Northeastern USA is growing the fastest, south is the greatest decreasing

-Not a single county in the US can report more people attending church than 10 years ago

-1972, Southern Baptist baptized 140,000 teens and in 2008 they baptized 75,000

-1 out of 4 Southern Baptist churches will baptize 0 people

-1 out of 3 Southern Baptist churches will baptize 2 or less people

-In the SBC, the number of church plants increased between 2010-11 from 780 to 990

-but the actual numeric change in church was only 37 (smaller gain in 40 years)

-The number of people who claim no religious affiliation has doubled since 1990

-non-believers represent the 3rd highest group of Americans, first time in American history

-after catholics and baptist

-there at least 195 million unchurched people in the US (nearly 2/3 of the population)

-This makes the US 4th largest unsaved nation on the planet

-behind China, India, and Indonesia

-Within 10 years the USA is expected to overtake Indonesia for 3rd place

-Studies indicate that over 70 million people in the US could be close to or on the path toward salvation

-If 70 million were saved, it would be the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of our nation

-In fact, less than 10% of the unchurched would be considered antagonistic or hostile toward the church

-The “enemies” we see are the ones suing the schools or on TV.

-Most are open to discussion and willing to talk.

-Over 90% of out active church members (generous, can be 98%) will never share their faith

-This is utter disobedience to the command of Christ.

So take the numbers for what they are. The good news is if you are a believer you have the power of Jesus Christ inside of you, and that is the power that saves people. The power that equips you to handle rejection, answer the hard questions, and direct people to God as he reveals Himself to them. Let us reach our neighbors.


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