Easter: Christ Died for God

Secret Church 2014 was the past Good Friday. The topic was “The Cross and Everyday Life.” I want to reflect upon some of Pastor David’s thoughts, and some of my own in this post.


Only One Way

One of the most common rebuttals to the Christian faith is, “how can their only be one way to God (John 14:6, via Jesus)?” The better questions is how is there even a way? Our sin totally separates us from God. God is just in His punishment of sin, because it is offensive to the one whom we have sinned against. Brother and Sisters, do we realize the greatness of the one whom we sin against?

God’s forgiveness of sins is a threat to His character. How can God be just and let people go to Hell? A better way to think rightly about this is to ask, how can God be just and let sinners go to Heaven? How can God satisfy His Character and save our souls at the same time? How can a just God express love without condoning us for our sin? We are rebellious and due His wrath and this is the problem. A  loving Father disciplines justly and we have justly deserved eternal death for our offenses against a Holy God.

What Qualified Christ

Jesus Christ was two things: fully God and fully man. Platt gives a plethora for Scripture to back this and this is solid foundational doctrine. As John Owen put it, “He suffered not as God, but he who suffered was God.” Only God can take the wrath of God and survive. A human cannot sacrifice for human lives, unless that human is divine. Jesus did 2 important things:

1) He fully obeyed the law without sin.

2) Died in our place.

He lived a sinless life. Died a substitutionary death. He died in place of the disobedient and in place of the unrighteous.

The Cross Changed Everything

Ultimately what drove Christ to the cross was the glory of God (John 12:27-28). We hear often that Jesus went to the cross for us, while in some aspects yes He did the truth of the matter is He went to the Cross for God. He saw nothing in you or me and that’s why He went to the sacrificial death. The cross then is the demonstration of the character of God.

The cross is not a display of the finite worth of man, the cross is the display of the infinite worth of God. At the cross God expressed His judgment on sin, endured His judgments against sin, and enabled salvation for sinners.

It Counts for You and Me

We basically get to plagiarise off the life of Christ if we are found in Him. His work counts for us according to Romans 5:19 and in it we are found righteous. That’s right, if you are in Christ you are righteous. His life, death, burial, and resurrection defines you. God’s pleasure in you is NOT based upon your performance for Him. God’s pleasure in you is based upon Christ performance for you.

What We Do Now

We tell the world, we have been charged with the task (Matthew 28:18-20). I loved scrolling down Facebook today and seeing almost every post about Jesus and Easter. It’s nice see it over the politics, football, and everything else that litters our feeds. Let it not be for one day though. The resurrection is shown daily in us, so let us talk about it always.

What captures our hearts and minds will flow through our mouths. What we love most we will talk about most. Let that be Jesus, everyday let us announce Jesus is better than all else.