God Blessing America and Legislating Morality

Earlier this morning I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. As I have napped and laid in bed I have though about the Republican debate last night, recent events here in the states, and concerns from christians. Often we hear about if we will pray God will hear our land (I wrote about that here). Is that true though? Sorry of any typos, I am still la little loopy and sluggish, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Over the summer the Supreme Court ruled according to their interpretation the Constitution did not permit the banning of so-called same-sex marriage. Just like that in all 50 states homosexuals legally had the right to wed in the eyes of the American government. A county clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, has gotten a lot of attention for not issuing so-called same-sex marriage licenses. Her argument is that it violates her conscience and seeks an accommodation. I have a lot of thoughts on this situations but will not express them here.

Also over the past several weeks a group has released video after video of planned parent videos. Videos that show the selling or baby parts, and other heinous acts. This coming onto a collision with our elected officials very soon and I think things are going to get very interesting.

I want to make it very clear to you that I oppose so-called same-sex marriage, and I hate and oppose abortion. However, the question must be asked if we made laws against these and all others laws if America then would come back under the blessing that we have allegedly lost. You may disagree with me, I may be wrong, but I would like if you would read the words I will write and offer any rebuttal or thoughts you may have.

I will start with this: you cannot legislate morality. If so-called same-sex marriage was banned this would not end same-sex relationships. Marriage is only part of the issue. Simply making something illegal brings no glory to God. Same with abortion. Abortion could be (and should be) made illegal, but the reality is that abortion would most likely never cease altogether.

God is not into behavioral modification. He doesn’t want people not to get married because the law says they cannot, but still live together as a married couple would. As honorable as it would be to round up and prosecute all who perform abortions, He does not want people seeking illegal ways for it to happen. God is not about simply changing the way we live and going through the motions because of laws; friends that is legalism. God wants to transform our hearts.

Israel was God’s chosen nation of the Old Testament. They knew God, they were HIs people. They failed. Those Ten Commandments we fight to have displayed, they failed all of the, every year. This is why Yom Kippur existed. God sent prophets, curses, and captivity to a nation that He called His own. No man or woman is capable of keeping the law. That’s the point! You see, Israel had the laws and still failed. Their theocracy no longer exist even though the laws were put in place. Why? Because we are sinful and we act as we please. Israel knew and experience God in a much different way that the United States. The law was completely moral and they lost their land, and were taken into captivity more than once.

See, you can make all the laws you want. However, if people do not experience the life changing  power of the Gospel, if that doesn’t change them like on Jesus can then God gets no glory. He gets no glory our of legalism, He gets no glory for us following the law out of fear. No, God receives the Glory when He is our utmost satisfaction. God is glorified when we follow Him not because of laws but because we know that’s where joy is. God is glorified when we forsake who we are to make Him known.

We are not a Christian nation. Laws making us look more Christian do not make us that, and they will not bring blessing. What every individual here, and around the world, is to have their eyes opened to the reality of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Legislating morality I believe models that of the pharisees in the Bible. It does not mean we let go of our morals however. It means that we know our work will not bring God’s blessing, but only His work can do that. So what do we do? We go. We tell everyone. We pray. We fight for the voiceless. We serve the needy. We serve those against us. We love everyone. And we speak the Gospel with our words and lives. You want change? Turn to the only Sovereign who can bring the change. Legislating morality is a poor savior and it will not work. Jesus though will change and transform lives, something we all desperately need


The End of Abortion– Is the Church Ready and Willing?

Last week marked the anniversary of the well known verdict in the case of Roe v Wade. In short, this allowed the legalization of abortions in the United States in 1973 and is still a hot topic in 2014. Since then it has been an ongoing battle between those opposed to abortion labeled as “pro-life” and those for labeled as “pro-choice.” Many websites reported last week that there have been up to 55 million abortions since the infamous case. The Republican Party has taken a strong stance to oppose these deaths, while members of the Democratic Party for the most part have seen this as a privacy issue. What I want to do is put the parties aside, and I want to think about is the position of the Church if we were to overturn Roe v Wade. That would be incredible would it not? The question though is the Church ready for the implications?

First off let me state that I am 100% pro-life. As a student pastor and Christian the number that 55 million abortions represents to me is 55 million lives that have been murdered. Abortion is completely contradictory to what the Bible teaches. You can look to verses like Jeremiah 1:5, Exodus 20:13, and Psalm 139:13-16. I would also look to Psalm 51:5, which talks about the state of man at conception is sinful. Surely if we inherit sin at conception then that is a life. Logically and theologically there is no way a non-life can inherit sin. To the Sovereign God of the Bible whom I fear and love life starts at conception. This is clearly shown in the Scriptures, and this is not something I feel He takes lightly. 

On the other side let me say I understand the rights and arguments of women. I respect that, and will always listen to their argument and try to listen in a way to learn. I believe in the rights and support the rights of women, that also goes for unborn women.

55 million dead is worse than any war, it is mass genocide, and it is wrong. Is ending abortion something you are passionate about because of the Biblical implications, or because it opposes the other political party? I pray is spiritual for us, and not political. Many politicians are famous for flipping their views on abortion when running for office. Let us not be like that, let us be against it because it opposes our God.

So hypothetically we end abortion in the United States, something I prayerfully hope happens. We save the next 55 million lives and that is something to rejoice over. My question to the Church is, are you prepared to bear the responsibility of those lives? Republicans are known for their stance on abortion, and also known to be the “Christian Party” (something I detest). They are also known for their stances against food stamps, welfare, and most any social program. Now I am neither Republican nor am I Democrat so I am not catering to either party. What I believe is there are people in this nation who need help, they legitimately need assistance to make it. In many (if not the overwhelming majority) instances these  babies whom are being aborted are happening when the mother cannot support the child. Shame on the Church for giving the message to the mother that she feels that an abortion doctor has more answers than the church.

Are we prepared to financially carry the burden of 55 million lives? To help with their cost of living, medical expenses, and whatever else. I am not talking about handouts, I am talking about sincerely taking care of God’s creation. We can’t simply argue for their right to life, then neglect the very same thing. Are we ready to take the Gospel that has changed our lives to these next 55 million with no apology? Are we ready to say we love you so much because God has loved us that it’s not going to end for fighting that you can be born, but fighting that you can live and live well.If not Church, we will have millions hurting. 

The ultimate hypocrisy is fighting for the end of abortion, but refusing to help that same child to really live because it is not our responsibility now. We are claiming that child that matters so much no longer matters. Are we prepared for that sacrifice? Are we willing to be like the Church in Acts 2? I hope so, but the question we have to each ask ourselves is if we really are ready. I love a lot of the causes and movements that the Church has started on the awareness of abortion. We are moving in the right direction, and I want us to be faithful to the finish.

 Let’s continue fighting for the right of those who can’t fight for themselves, and when they arrive let us show them the love of Christ faithfully.  I pray we are ready to end abortion, ready to care for other spiritually and physically, and through this the world sees Jesus in all of us. That is the Gospel, that is our mission Church. Are you ready?