Marriage Vows Trump Political Endorsements


Last night Ted Cruz congratulated Donald Trump on his victory, denounced Hillary Clinton, and did not launch a 3rd party campaign. For all intents and purposes he “supported” the Republican nominee without an all out endorsement. Still, many conservatives last night and today are blasting the Texas Senator for his words last night, and not endorsing the Donald Trump. Did he break his promise he made? Did he lose is integrity? Is Ted Cruz in sin? I have a different take.

In 2001 Ted Cruz stood before God and Heidi Nelson to make a covenant (a promise). To love her, support her, protect her, and provide for her; for better for for worse. A marriage covenant is a serious problem between a couple that they make to one another, and to God. Scripture is very clear here, here, here, and host of other places. Ted Cruz also has an obligation to honor his earthly father as seen in Ephesians, and the Ten Commandments.

During the campaign Donald Trump suggested that his father was a part of the assassination of Preside John F Kennedy. Trump most likely planted stories his friends at the National Enquirer that Cruz had multiple marital affairs. Trump also set out to humiliate and attack Heidi during the primary season, he did this on more than one occasion.

Ted Cruz took the stand last night that honoring his father, and keeping his marriage covenant promise was more important than a political endorsement. Paul teaches that husbands are to love their wife as Christ loved the Church (which he died for). Cruz did the honorable thing in keeping his promise to God last night by standing with his wife, and by honoring his father. Could Ted Cruz in good conscience support a man who attacked his family? I know I could not.

Still, I am seeing him blasted by conservatives and Christians last night and today. I would hope anyone who takes the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God would take the same stand. That they would fight for One’s approval and keeping a promise to Him, rather than earning man’s approval (Galatians 1:10).

I don’t see them talking about Trump backing off his promise. Or calling for Trump to repent and apologize (he professes to be a Christian) for his remarks. We have thrown aside religious conviction for an election. I can tell you this, I don’t care what promise I make when you attack my family I will stand with them ten out of ten times. Instead of insulting Ted Cruz many men can learn a lesson. What it means to stand with your wife and how to keep a promise you made to God, even if it means getting booed off the stage.